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1- Hour Life Coaching Session

Congrats on taking the next right step to prioritize your self-care and live in balance, energy and abundance - your life is about to change for the better.

What you'll get:

  • Clarity and direction on moving forward in your life
  • Strategies to help you attain your goals
  • The roadmap to abundance, fulfilment, joy, energy and calm.

A life of wellness & harmony is on its way - are you ready for it? 

What People Are Saying:

As a fulltime physician, wife and mother of two, working through a pandemic in the state of New York, I decided to gift myself and register for Busy To Bliss in January 2021. I learned to refocus my mindset and prioritize my own self-care. I have set and stuck to my non-negotiables, my exercise routine, created my daily/monthly/to-do task-managing systems and finally put my finances in order. Most impressively, I have learned to create time-management boundaries, both in my personal and my professional life, feeling strong, renewed, empowered and surrounded by community. Thank you Erica!

Dr. Tiffany Werbin

Erica’s coaching style of utilizing both left and right brain (very structured, yet creative, visual and even fun). Specifically I have learned how important it is to create my non-negotiables and schedule them into my agenda versus adding them onto a To-Do-List. Erica teaches how to create balance and harmony when it comes to scheduling time for work, friends and family. It's all too easy to get caught up in the going and doing. I have learned how to listen to my body and slow down to speed up.

Geeta Suchak

From the first ten minutes into my consult with Erica, I could feel she is truly dedicated to helping women achieve success in business. She is warm, honest, sincere, genuine and really knows her field of business. I was surprised at how quickly she was able to tap into what I was doing, ask the right questions to get me focussed and strategic about where I needed to be. So glad I met Erica when I did! My business is now well on its way thanks to Erica!

Ilana Versterman

When I met Erica, I was in a little bit of a funk. Erica helped me work through the discouragement & distractions of life. Her direct and strategic approach successfully coached me to stay focused on my goals and realize what I don’t want is just as important as what I do want.

Barbara Mauro

Erica is a compassionate, goal oriented, organized coach. She has the ability to promote positive change and "steps forward" with her approach and care of her clients. Erica thinks of her client's needs long after their session is completed and thinks "outside the box" to help her client's goals become a reality.

Sheryl Goldstein

There are times when you think life is fine the way it is but deep inside you have the feeling that it can be even better. That’s when I reached out to Erica and she showed me through her coaching how there was so much room for improvement to have a life that I enjoy every single day. And that I am doing! Thank you, Erica!

Dulce Cadena

Talking to Erica gave me clarity on what my next step was and how to make it happen. She is clear, fast, and no nonsense. If you’re ready to take your life and business to the next level, Erica can guide you there. She sees the big picture and all the little pieces it takes to make that picture come alive.

Nina Manolson

I had been following Erica on social media for some time.This compelled me to reach out to Erica regarding consulting and coaching work for me and my business. This turned out to be a great connection. Erica truly understands her clients and doesn’t simply preach to them, rather she uses real, practical, and easy-to-implement strategies to guide people in the right direction in their life and business.

Darah Bondman

Meeting you has absolutely changed my whole thinking – it’s unbelievable! I spent so much time, money and energy on therapy throughout my life and it did not have the impact that you had on me right from our first session. It felt as if you had known me for years. I am now clear on my action plan and steps, and it starts today. I cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and had you as my coach.

Sarah Packer

In just one hour, Erica gave me the insight, direction and COURAGE to take my brand to the next level and it has soared since. She has been a great mentor to me and I will turn to her for advice and wisdom as my business continues to grow. Erica’s business acumen and passion for what she does definitely helped me to get off the fence and into the life of my dreams.

Lia Keith